DJapan - Things Happening in Tokyo 07/09/2018

by Caven Cade Mitchell

DJapan stands for Dev Japan and Design Japan, two of the largest communities I'm involved with. This post is dedicated to them and the members who belong to them. But there is something in here for everyone, even if you're not a member. So let's get to it.


I am attempting to write something like this at least once a week. This is basically a status update of all the things I hear about going on in Tokyo. Events, conferences, hackathons, job positions, launches, news, etc etc etc.

Preliminary Survey Results

I recently asked everyone thats a part of Design Japan and Dev Japan how they'd like to be contacted:

Here are some of the results so far, I'd expect there will be more with each mail that goes out.

+50% of the respondents say they want 1 email a week. On the opposite ends only 25% want more and 21% want less. So I think for now I'll keep it to 1 email a week.

Fortunately no one wants the emails to stop ( ^ ^ ).

85% of respondents prefer large emails. Emails with a lot of content. 

+57% prefer an email to a link to a blog. This doesn't seem significant to me yet so for now I'll provide both until it's more clear.

The survey is still on going so if you're a community member, don't forget to fill out the survey and let me know how you feel.

Upcoming Events

So here are some events happening in Tokyo that might interest you. If you'd like to have your event included in the list, please fill out this form.

Organizer/Company Name主催者の名前・会社の名前 Name of the Event/News イベントの名前またわニュースの見出し Date of News/Event イベント・ニュースの日付 Link to News/Eventイベント・ニュースのリンク Price of News/Event参加費 Description of News/Event説明
Dev Japan Women & Non-Binary Coding Session 9/29/2018 12:00:00 https://www.meetup.com/devjapan/events/254340369/ 0 Our next event
Dev Japan Tokyo Developers Meetup 46 9/29/2018 14:00:00 https://www.meetup.com/devjapan/events/rhntzpyxmbdc/ 0 Our next event
Design Japan Flash Art 11/17/2018 12:00:00 https://www.meetup.com/DesignJapan/events/254259673/ 0 What is a 'flash art' event?We collect ideas for a themes, pick a location, go there and make an exhibition based on the best theme. Kind of like a designathon. (A hackathon for designers.)Details coming soon. Schedule is tentative and may be subject to change.
Code Chrysalis Creating Opportunities out of Failures (Code Chrysalis x Casey Wahl) 9/11/2018 19:30:00 https://www.meetup.com/CodeChrysalis/events/253160078/ 0 Come learn from some of Japan's leading entrepreneurs, and the founders of its most exciting startups! Learn about how they overcame the challenges of starting a new business by creating opportunities out of failures, and the paths they've taken to reach this point.
All About APIs API Introductions - 1 9/18/2018 17:00:00 https://www.meetup.com/All-About-APIs/events/254372246/ 0 Introduction to APIs being developed in Japan
Tech in Asia TIA Japan 2018 9/20/2018 10:00:00 https://www.techinasia.com/events/tokyo 19000 Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018は、資金調達や新規顧客開拓などを目指す日本のスタートアップ企業や日本市場への参入に関心のある投資家・海外の企業の皆様のためのカンファレンスです。今年は今話題の「エンジェル投資家」の著者のJason Calacanis氏、freee創業者の佐々木 大輔氏、インドネシアのユニコーン企業Bukalapak CEOのAchmad Zaky氏、楽天CIO平井 康文氏など豪華登壇者も集結します。<こんな方におすすめ!>・海外のユニコーン企業創業者や著名投資家などから、世界のテックシーンのトレンドを学びたい方・日本・アジアで注目のスタートアップとの協業や投資を検討したい企業や投資家の方・資金調達や新規顧客獲得を目指すスタートアップ企業の方Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 is a conference for startups looking to acquire new customers and investments and businesses or investors looking to explore the larger Asian tech market. This year we are excited to welcome a host of fantastic speakers including Jason Calacanis, the acclaimed author of "Angel: How to turn 100k into 1 million", Daisuke Sasaki, the founder of freee - Japan's most funded fintech company, as well as Achmad Zaky, the founder and CEO of Indonesian ecommerce unicorn Bukalapak, and Yasufumi Hirai, the Chief Information Officer of Rakuten.<Who will you meet at the conference>-People who want to learn about the latest worldwide tech trends from unicorn founders and the investors who backed-People who want to make business partnerships with the top startups in Japan and across Asia-Startups who want to capture new clients and funding
株式会社KDDIウェブコミュニケーションズ Smart Communication Award 9/21/2018 12:00:00 https://www.smartcommunicationaward.com/ 0 Smart Communication Awardとは、Twilioを活用したサービスの事業化促進を目的とした、KDDIウェブコミュニケーションズ主催のイベントです。過去のイベントでは、Twilioを用いた新規サービスを募集、審査し、最優秀賞を決定。選ばれたアイデアは、事業化に向けた支援を受けられるというビジネスコンテストを開催してきました。実際に、最優秀賞を受賞したアイデアはどれもサービスとして確立され、広く提供されています。(過去のイベントの様子はこちら)5回目の開催となる今年は、例年通りのビジネスコンテストという枠を超え、「Engage~Twilioで創るこれからのコミュニケーションの在り方~」をテーマにしたさまざまなコンテンツをご用意。課題を抱えた企業とソリューションを提供できる企業のマッチングをはかる「公開アイデアソン」やTwilioを活用した社会貢献性の高いサービスを表彰する「DOer JAPAN」、最新のプロダクト情報や国内事例の紹介など、Twilioユーザーなら見逃せないコンテンツが盛りだくさんです。また、ゲストスピーカーをお迎えして「Engage」にちなんだトークセッションも行いますので、Twilioを使ったことがない、ご存じない方でもお楽しみいただけます。Twilioを活用したソリューションにご興味がある方、電話を使ったソリューションにご興味のある方、コールセンター・コンタクトセンター関連事業に携わる方はぜひご参加ください。
Code Chrysalis Demo Day - Code Chrysalis Cohort 5 9/27/2018 19:30:00 https://www.meetup.com/CodeChrysalis/events/253838474/ 0 We are changing the definition of what a junior software engineer can do. Come on over to Code Chrysalis and see our fifth cohort present their graduation projects! Come celebrate the awesome accomplishments of our software engineers!

A bit long but it's a work in progress. It's definitely easier this way than piecing through everyone's submission.

People Hiring

Usually I try to keep this list updated: 

Software engineer BEGINNER (1-2 years working professionally) 1〜2年 Yes - Casual 日常会話レベル Japan
C# developer EXPERIENCED (3+ years working professionally) 3年以上 Yes - Business or better (must be able to speak fluidly with Japanese clients and/or team) ビジネス会話レベル Tokyo, Japan
Senior React Developer (Rail's also preferred) EXPERIENCED (3+ years working professionally) 3年以上

Till Next Week

So that's all I have for this week. Again if you have an event or news to share, please fill out this form and I'll include it.

See you around town.

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