Moving Bullshit - Journal 28/05/2017

by Caven Cade Mitchell

So on this day I went to Kichijoji to return the keys to the old apartment. The landlord gave me the run around though. He originally said he wanted everything in the backyard because I did a nice job renovating it but when i went to give the keys he told me he doesnt want any of it and I have to throw it all out.

Sucks for me though cause you have to throw things out on a specific days and everything that was left couldn't go out on Sunday. I'll give an update on what I did with 5 bags of garbage after I get my deposit back. I hate it when people go back on their word.

This guy was so nice to me for the almost 2 years that I lived there but while moving out he was sniffing the apartment talking about there was a smell and asking me if I smoked. He also said a bunch of stuff that never existed was missing. He also asked me to remove stuff that doesn't need to removed (that has nothing to do with me). Just shady all around. Anyway....

After the moving out fiasco I went to another area of Tokyo to look at a dog I was potentially going to adopt. A beautiful 3 year old pitbull named Lady.

After Lady it was back to Kichijoji to take care of the BS from the old apartment. After which I just went back home to my new apartment.

That was pretty much my day.

Caven Cade Mitchell