Dev Japan's Organizers

by Caven Cade Mitchell

If you're reading this you more than likely know who I am and most likely know what Dev Japan is. If you need a refresher, check this earlier post I made. "Dev Japan & Design Japan".

This time I'd like to finally introduce the organizers of Dev Japan. Guy's and gal's who have been a tremendous help in running the community and making it even more successful.

Keep scrolling to read their intros. (In no particular order)

Joseph Leroy

I'm currently living in Tokyo and working as a Security Engineer. I moved to Japan after I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. I moved to New York City and received a Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Cybersecurity from Fordham University. 

My goal as a co-organizer is to provide Tokyo's developer community with resources to learn, build, and make new developer friends. I also volunteer with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Tokyo Chapter and help provide scholarships to students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Matthias Lambrecht

I came to Japan in 2009 after finishing my major in Japanese Studies. Currently I teach intercultural skills to future kindergarten teachers and hospital nurses at a women's university in Tokyo. I've started self-studying programming a while ago, and joined Dev Japan in 2016. I decided to become a co-organizer since I thought it was a good way to contribute while also getting to meet new people. (The most challenging part is actually getting some coding done, since I spend too much time talking to people at the meetups). I like photography, and custom mechanical keyboards - feel free to ask me about either.


Phil Hadviger

Born in Germany, lived in the US for many years and new to Japan since 2016. Started working as a dev in '96. I love coding, problem solving and talking about tech and games. Current favorite languages are JS in its many forms, Python, Bash, and some flavors of SQL. Beverage choices: Coffee, Beer, Tea, Nihonshu probably in that order. I don't really speak Japanese yet, but I'm working on that. My goal is to get involved with and help grow the developer community in Japan.

Tope Salami

Salami, went to the University of Toronto and afterwards, came to Japan on a scholarship to go to Globis Business School. After graduating, he resolved to improve his coding skills. Towards that goal, he sought out a community of coders and found DevJapan. Through DevJapan, he wants to help others in their quest to be innovators.

Kiko Uehara

Chief Easygoing Officer.


Yan Fan

Yan is a full-stack software engineer and currently the co-founder of Code Chrysalis, an advanced coding bootcamp in Tokyo. She turns tea into code and is a prolific writer of unfinished blog post drafts. She hopes to increase the number of women engineers in the world.


Ahart Powers III

Ahart is an aspiring iOS developer and also has a design background. He is also one of the co-organizer of the Tokyo iOS meetup.

And That's All Folks

These are the Dev Japan organizers. A bunch of great people who are focused on building a community around development technology and it's related industries.

As for me, I don't have a bio, I'm a nobody, don't ask me.

Give us a shout at our next event. https://www.meetup.com/devjapan

Now get to work.

Caven Cade Mitchell


Well I wasn't planning on introducing myself but I was told I probably should. Hi.

My name is Caven. Japanese people and some expats in Japan call me ミッチー. I don't really like interacting with people but I do like people. That's why I made these groups. Dev Japan and Design Japan. Essentially I was bored and lonely and wanted more people to hang out with. Both have grown into a lot more and with the help of the people above and many others who haven't been mentioned in this post these communities will continue to grow even further.

For me, I guess you can consider me a full-stack engineer.  I love design concepts and creativity in general but I am not myself a creative person. I am more of an engineer and developer.  Front-end, back-end, databases and apis, mobile, desktop, web, recently microcontrollers and fabricated machine systems. I play with a lot of stuff.

Project wise you know about Dev Japan, but there is also Design Japan, and as soon as I can make it happen 'Creative Mornings - Tokyo'. I am also working on a few small projects with a few small teams. I try to immerse myself in the expat community of engineers and designers but I don't really like being in the forefront, though it might seem that way. Anyway, that's me. That's my introduction.  I hope this is good enough, if it isn't let's grab a beer or coffee and we can talk more.


Caven Cade Mitchell