7 Years in Japan: What's Next

by Caven Cade Mitchell

7 Years Ago on the 16th I Landed in Japan

Coming to Japan has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Overall it's been an amazing experience. 

I'll likely stick around for a while longer so here is what I'm working on this year and for the future. And since I'm sticking around here is what I'm working on.

DevJapan - DesignJapan - GrowJapan

These are communities that I've created for various reasons over the past 7 years. They came about from different needs. Now that they've grown large enough I'd like to leverage them towards doing even more.


Think of it as a 1 day coworking space for people interested in technology. It's a community where, primarily developers, can come, hang out, get some work done, meet people with similar interests, and maybe learn something. Most importantly it's just a break from the every day work environment of an office or a cafe where you have to pay money to get a seat.
Next event March 25th.


Similar to DevJapan. This is a community that focuses on creatives. A place where you can come to meet others with similar interests and also hopefully learn something related to design, art, or creativity. We typically hold presentation sharing work, visit museums and art exhibits, and in general try and help the creative community any way we can.
Next event March 24th.


This is something new that I'm trying to do. I'd like to share what I know. I plan on holding seminars about different technologies, both things that I and others are expert in as well as things that we're learning. The focus will be technology and strategies to grow your businesses in Japan.
Next event April 21st.

All three communities sometimes will share the same events.

Graduate School (MBA)

I'll be a student not a teacher. I'm applying to a few graduate school programs either in Japan or online. By the time I publish this I will likely know whether I got into my top choice school or not. 

This is all to say that for the next 2 years my weekends will be gone and I will be even busier than I normally am.

There are lots of gaps in my knowledge. I'd like to fill them and then see what I can do.


Jimoto is a group share, last minute booking, tour service I've been working on. I've been working on a new web app for the service.

Jimoto helps people who would like free or cheaper tours and experiences in Japan by connecting them with others who would either like to share the price of a tour or provide a tour or experience for free.

I'd like to get it launched, sometime this month actually. 


PIK is another service I've been working on. Its a dating app that emphasises picking a venue before picking a date. In some other apps, you go straight to picking the person you'd like to meet up with, then spend the rest of your conversation getting to know each other and eventually trying to figure out where to meet. 

With PIK you pick a place you'd like to go, ideally some place that interests you. People also interested in that place would pick it as well before picking you, and thats one thing you already know you have in common.

My goal for PIK is to help in grow more in Japan.

Employment Matchmaking

There are still lots of people looking for jobs and plenty of employers with specific requirements. I'd like to close out my list of these two groups by helping the remainder get connected to each other.


The platform that I'm currently writing on. g.o.a.at is a content sharing platform. It focuses on writers, bloggers, and generally people with something to say. 

We have a lot of things being released shortly, again this month or this week. 

My goal for g.o.a.t is to increase the amount of english speaking writers who use it. People similar to myself I guess. I'd also like to write more.


I've started lifting weights regularly again. I'd like to start running again. The above chart doesnt likely mean anything to most of you but it means a lot to me. It's a history of my progress over the past 2 months. This is my cutting routine. I try to lift 12-15 reps in 3-4 sets 6 days on an 8 day cycle. I'd also like to start running.

These charts may be ugly to some but their beautiful to me. Just imagine what they'd look like after a year...( 0 _ 0 ).

Platform Cooperativism Japan Consortium

It's a mouthful I know. But here is the point. Traditional capitalism is unfair to workers. The old/new model, the one that will do the most for society is equal ownership of businesses by employees. The goal of platform cooperativism is to enable more platforms to switch to or start in a cooperative model.

My goal for pcjc is to make progress in getting more people on board with the movement.

Wisty Links

Wisty Links is a company that my better half started. The services we'll offer are website creation, localisation/transcreation, and social media marketing and management.

Given our background's, it only made sense that we'd start a company to sell our services to people who need them. The goal for this year is to pick up some clients and make them and ourselves happy.

Is There More

Yes of course, theres my destructive pit bull. There is my gaming addiction. (thanks Monster Hunter World for enabling me) There are my friends and family to think of. I have family (back) in prison that I have to think about. I apparently have 6 years of back taxes to file. (You have to file taxes no matter what the agreements are between other nations and America, TIL) There is my own personal sanity to think about. The list of things and people I have to take care of are never ending. 

But at least I've shared it with you so now you know what will be keeping me busy in Japan.....at least this year.

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.
Karl Marx

love life to live, live life to love

p.s. Here is a picture of Peanut the Perverted Panty-thieving Puppington of the House Mitchell the first of His name, King of the Door Eaters and the Bitey Feet, Lord of the Living Room, Disrespecter of all Personal Space, Champion Puddle Hopper, Chancellor of Puddle Avoidance, and Vanquisher of the Vacuum Cleaner.

Check out his g.o.a.t blog.

Caven Cade Mitchell