What Has Become of the World

by Caven Cade Mitchell

The World Has Gone Crazy, Been Crazy

I've been thinking about what to write now for a while. Well to be accurate, I had a list of things I was going to write about, but then I lost the list and now I'm trying to remember.

The thing is though, there are tons of things happening all over the world and they are kind of distracting.

From Donald Trump asking about why we can't use nuclear weapons.

In a March interview, Mr. Trump asked, “Somebody hits us within ISIS, you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?” Then on Wednesday, Joe Scarborough, an MSNBC host, said an unidentified foreign policy adviser had told him that, in a briefing, Mr. Trump had asked three times, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?” Mr. Trump’s campaign has denied this.

To the latest shooting death in the city I grew up in, Newburgh, New York, aka the murder capital of New York.

From Syrian gas attacks, to the mass murder of 19 disabled and elderly people in Japan.

The world is a in a disgusting and depressing state. I'm sure there are plenty of good things happening in the world. I'm positive there are. It's just for right now. This type of news, these incidents, demand our attention, and rightfully so.

Until I remember what I originally wanted to write about I'll leave this latest depressing entry with at least one bit of good news: The world's media outlets are apparently agreeing with me about how depressing the world has become and has decided to work on efforts to write more about positive things and how to better the world.

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.
Philip K. Dick

love life to live, live life to love

Caven Cade Mitchell