I Failed an Entire Semester Because I Hated Writing

by Caven Cade Mitchell

You know how university works. You do your best and try and get that magic 4.0. But I went to school on a full-scholarship. Shout out to the NACME program. They paid for my university education and told me all I had to do was my best.

I went to a 5 year university. Drexel University. In the middle 3 years you work half the year and take classes the other half the year. Typically a paid internship. By the time you graduate you should already have the skills to get a top job. By my last year I was already guaranteed a diploma. There was literally nothing I could do aside from getting expelled to not get my diploma. Everything was paid for. All I had to do was live till the date I took that senior walk.

In my last semester I decided to take a three cybersecurity related classes. I was really into the subject matter at the time. Classes were great, no real homework, no quizzes, no tests, but the only problem was the final. The final exam for each class, all with the same teacher btw, was something like a 20 page essay on a topic related to the class.

I hate writing.

So me being me, I chose to take 3 Fs and a nice big hit to my gpa, instead writing 60 pages of an essay. I still graduated.

I don't regret it for a second.

But why?

Well, simply put, it was a waste of time if my earlier text didn't make that obvious. Why waste days or weeks writing something when I was already guaranteed to graduate. Hell even if i wasn't guaranteed I still wouldn't have done it. To me school was more about the education I received and the learning processes that I went through. I didn't need an exam, in the form of a novel, to validate what I knew or didn't know.

A masters or a PHD is one thing, but if you ask an undergrad to write a novel to show they know the subject matter, your an ass.

Anyway, if you ever ask me to do anything that I think is beyond crazy, expect a swift and clear 'no' from me.

Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives.
James Joyce

love life to live, live life to love

Caven Cade Mitchell