Dev Japan & Design Japan

by Caven Cade Mitchell

Original Communities of Japan

So what are they? These communities that I keep talking about. Simply put, they started as ways to keep me active, kill the boredom of working in an empty room, and the loneliness of working alone. But now they've become so much more. To put it simply, they are events that I organize to bring the members of these communities, creative and technical, together.

Design Japan

Japan, and Tokyo especially is under represented in the global creative community. Anyone who visits immediately has there mind blown by the vast amounts of sensory stimulus. Simply put, there's just an incredible amount to see, do, hear, taste. And I'm still just talking about Tokyo. Japan has one of the largest and most creative communities in the world, but most people don't realize it. A big reason, I believe, is because a lot gets lost in translation in a sense. Due to the lack of communication, the lack of interaction so much of what makes Japan so popular get's lost, and to me thats a huge shame.

I started Design Japan as a way fix that.

My original inspiration for taking this issue on was CreativeMornings. (Look it up.) CreativeMornings allows attendees to learn from an industry leader and connect with their peers in a cool setting. The problem was I couldn't meet CreativeMornings' requirements for a video recorded, Friday morning sessions with industry experts. So I tried to get as close as I could with Design Japan

Because my company, KDDI Web Communications Inc, has a large network of designers, I asked for their help in getting leaders out to give some lectures. Because I was familiar with meetup, I used it to promote the events to bring the community together so they can show off their projects and connect with each other. As meetup is foreigner friendly this had a huge effect on attendance and had the added effect of bringing both Japanese and Non-Japanese people together.

Things have been going well and now the Design Japan community has over 1200 members. Things got so hectic that I had to ask for help and now have a small team of co-organizers. I'll introduce them later but if your interested in joining us for a session just RSVP through meetup. Together we've been working on a Facebook page to help spread information about the community. If you care to, give us a like.

Dev Japan

Dev Japan's start was more selfish for me. Due to my work, or more specifically due to my desire to do well, I started going to the office on weekends, going to cafe's to work, as well as working more during the week. This quickly got boring/lonely, so I got the bright idea to invite others to join me.

That's how Dev Japan got started.

My original inspiration for Dev Japan was the Tokyo iOS Meetup's - Coding Club. Coding Club was a place for iOS related developers to get together and code but at the time they had stopped meeting, so I made Dev Japan to fill in the gap.

We've been having regular meetups for about a year and a half plus now and the meetup has grown too large for me to handle alone with 1400+ members. Because of all this I decided to add co-organizers for Dev Japan as well. Together we've been working on a Facebook page as well as a website to also help disseminate information. I'll introduce them as well later but if your interested in joining us RSVP to a meetup sometime and/or like the Facebook page.


That's what Dev Japan and Design Japan are. Communities that take up all of my free time.

Communities that bring people together.

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
Cesar Chavez

love life to live, live life to love

Caven Cade Mitchell