Journal 26/05/2017

Today I woke up extra early to go and throw out the stuff that could get thrown out at my old apartment. In Japan different neighbors have different days when you can throw up different types of garbage.  For example; burnable trash on Mondays and Thursdays, plastics on Fridays, cardboard boxes on Wednesdays. So on this day I went back early (have to do it before 9am) to throw out some carboard boxes and bottles. After that I went to the office to get some work done and plan out the next featur

Journal 25/05/2017

So I decided to keep things simple and write daily my activities. In order to do it daily I've set some ground rules for myself. Just free write. Don't worry about structure of what I'm writing too much. Only write for 30 minutes. This includes posting any pictures or what not. That's pretty much it. So here goes. On this day I woke up and played a little of King of Avalon. I play it a lot in addition to other games but it is a new game that I've been playing.  It's pretty interesting but unfor

Dev Japan's Organizers

If you're reading this you more than likely know who I am and most likely know what Dev Japan is. If you need a refresher, check this earlier post I made. "Dev Japan & Design Japan". This time I'd like to finally introduce the organizers of Dev Japan. Guy's and gal's who have been a tremendous help in running the community and making it even more successful. Keep scrolling to read their intros. (In no particular order) Joseph Leroy I'm currently living in Tokyo and working as a Security Engineer

I Failed an Entire Semester Because I Hated Writing

You know how university works. You do your best and try and get that magic 4.0. But I went to school on a full-scholarship. Shout out to the NACME program. They paid for my university education and told me all I had to do was my best. I went to a 5 year university. Drexel University. In the middle 3 years you work half the year and take classes the other half the year. Typically a paid internship. By the time you graduate you should already have the skills to get a top job. By my last year I wa

Employment Matchmaking: Helping people looking for jobs find them

So you may or may not know this about me, but one of the things I do through the communities I organize is help people find jobs and help employers find employees. The way I do this is through an online matchmaking form that both parties can fill out. After filling out the form I then connect employers looking for people with people looking for jobs. Until now I never really had a super sexy way to make the list of jobs public, but I think g.o.a.t might be a potential solution. Anyway, if you'r